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Adam's Amplifiers: Parts for Visio schematic and layout diagrams
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Parts for Visio schematic and layout diagrams
Tuesday February 7, 2006 by adam

If you use Visio for drawing schematics and layouts, I just uploaded a huge collection of diagram components for both. It’s a ZIP file full of Visio files which you can copy & paste out of. Don’t miss the fact that many have multiple pages.

This used to be up on my old site years ago – thanks to Carl for reminding me of it!

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  1. Hey, I love the triode calculater! Its great for figuring out preamp sections. I was curious to learn how to use it to test or learn more about triodes as output tubes?! I wanted to figure for example if I used a 6sl7 as the power tube in a moonlight what the transformer would expect to see (or need to be). Same with the push pull firefly. If I replaced the self split powet tube with a 12ax7 how do I need to change the circuit to satisfy the OT or which OT should I switch it with? I hope Im making sense. I just need to figure out the reisistance out. Can I do that with your caculator? Sorry for the Naive questions… THanks for a great site! I want to build that micro champ next!!!

    SG    Mar 4, 02:35 AM    #

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